Natasha Ray

3D/photocollage/VR/XR/AI/motion design

Multimedia artist, studies the synthesis of technological and human, identity.
Previously, she worked as a photographer and psychologist, helping women gain self-confidence and love for their bodies.
She studied in the laboratory of Dmitry Vrubel and actively participates in exhibition activities.
In her practice she works with 3D photography, collages, neural networks, video art,
virtual reality not related to games.

I love metaphors, collages and regenerative medicine.
I conduct classes on art therapy of emotions in VR, create a commercial
motion design

"Unconditional Love" 2023

Abstraction with moving transforming forms and noise. Inspired by macro photography of organic fabrics, ideas of synthesis of organic and synthetic.
To what extent are my feelings caused by chemical reactions and is love between a person and an entity within the Metaverse possible if there is initially a condition of unconditional love for a person. Is it possible to convey your feelings in the space of the Metaverse?

Video art 30c, 2 parts, 1920x1080px and 532х881px, AVI 1Gb
The work qualified for the finals of the exhibition-competition "Visual Turn" from September 14 to 27, 2023 and was presented on the facade of the Ostankino Tower. Watch the video

"My Lighthouse" 2022

If we assume that time has the shape of a point, then everything is already here and now. The lighthouse inside a person illuminates the path from this point. And some even managed to illuminate the path of many people through time.
In difficult moments of life, I look for inspiration in art. Once I entered a subway car decorated with the works of Vladimir Mayakovsky, and it was as if I had left my own reality, immersed in the world of his images. The lines of the poem came to mind naturally. A little later, I collected this state into art in the virtual reality application OpenBrush, placed there a photo scan of the wall from the Mayakovskaya metro station and my poem. I also added a 3D model of the library to this collage, and my daughter wrote the music. The result was a video, screenshots and a project for viewing on VR. More details

Video art 1м 36с, 1280-720px, mpeg 287 mb

Interactive VR art project "Roerich's Symbol of Peace" 2022

I created a 3D art object "Symbol of Peace" and immersed it in virtual reality space.
This is a rhyme to the symbol of peace, which was reinterpreted in the works of Nicholas Roerich.
The viewer sits in a chair, puts on an oculus helmet and goes on a virtual journey through the peaks of Tibet, in the very location where the Roerich expedition was doomed to failure.
During an excursion along the mountain peaks, the viewer becomes a member of the expedition, moves in space, listens to an audio guide and gets acquainted with the historical stories of the Roerichs.
Session duration is 15 minutes. You can visit the excursion wearing an Oculus Quest 2 VR helmet; control and movement in space is carried out using joysticks: right hand - turns left/right, left hand - teleport/steps.
The project is available in apk format
More details

NFT AI ART PROJECT "Woman Planet" 2022

I raised a Woman from the Planet using artificial intelligence. I used artificial intelligence Midjourney from idea development, a step-by-step process of co-creation with AI.

Digital art 1080х1080 px
author's edition 40х40 cm 10 copies

NFT Art project "Safe Place" 2022

My desire to create a safe place for myself and my loved ones grew into this project.
Techniques: photogrammetry, 3D modeling, collage, drawing in VR, video shooting in VR.
Project in progress

VR ART PROJECT "Whale Fish" 2022

At the end of February 2022, during my illness, I took a 3D scan of myself using an iPhone using a selfie stick. Then there was apathy and a complete lack of understanding of how to live and what to do. Conducted an audit of the values and let me go. I finally got around to it and I finalized this state through a visual image in Viara through intuitive drawing/construction. Cleaned it up in blender and threw it into openbrush.
While painting the walls, I remembered the Russian fairy tale about the Whale Fish. And she placed herself virtually on the whale. I am experimenting with new formats of visual language.

videoart 8min 37sec
mp4 864 mb


Endless reflections in the mirror of perception. Is there a way out of this maze?

Photography, collage. Photo printing. Size 30x40 cm. Author's edition of 10 copies.


Author's statement on the topic of gender identity in modern society.
"The ideal woman, the real woman. How society manipulates people's minds and promotes a comfortable image through idealized advertising and information resources."

Photography, collage. Plasticization 60x60 cm. Printing on silk 70x70 cm. Author's edition of 10 copies.


Complaint of consumer ideals.

The second commandment says: "Do not make yourself an idol. An idol in itself is a spiritual deception, an emptiness, but this emptiness, this spiritual vacuum is filled by dark forces. Therefore, a person who is attached more to the creation than to the Creator is under the influence of demonic forces."
Idealization is the endowment of someone or something with perfect qualities that do not correspond to the real characteristics of the object. In psychology, idealization is a defense mechanism: the Hungarian psychoanalyst Sándor Ferenczi views it as the ability of children to transfer the quality of "almighty" to others.

Photography, digital collage. Photo printing. Size 30x40 cm. Author's edition of 10 copies.

CV Eng

2023 Motion design. Netology. 11 months
2023 "Mediaart" from VK Prostor 5 months
2022 VR intensive Digital autumn from Less Media Group
2021 VR course for artists from Dmitry Vrubel in "Learning Environment". 4 months
2020 Course by Maxim Baev "Fashion photography" 2 months
2020 Course "How to read a photograph" Samara National Research University named after Academician S. P. Korolev
2016 Art photography course Elena Suhoveeva and Victor Khmel, Krasnodar
2015 Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Synergy University, Moscow
2007-2011 Courses and master classes in photography in Moscow, Ukhta (Komi Republic)
2021 International exhibition-competition "Women's image":
Digital art and animation competition. Nomination: Female image in silhouettes 1st place "Pink morning 02"
Photography competition. Nomination: Female image in silhouettes 1st place "Pink morning 01"
Digital art and animation competition. Nomination: Female image and mystical symbolism 1st place "Blossom 01"
2020 International exhibition-competition "MODERN AVANT-GARDE: VANGUARD TODAY" Avant-garde in graphics. Nomination: Futurism. 1 place. Mirror_representation. 2nd place. Mirror_reproduction
Nomination: Conceptualism
2nd place. Mirror_the man
3rd place. Idols_Fear
2020 ABSTRACTUM Festival of Abstraction Arts | ABSTRACTUM International Festival of Abstraction. Abstraction in photography. 3rd place. Abstract yellow
2016 International Photography Awards CIS
Group exhibitions:
2023 "Virtual Turn" exhibition-competition of media art, demonstration of works on the facade of Ostankino
2022 Exhibition of VR works by graduates of Dmitry Vrubel's Laboratory "Rhymes and Dialogues" with the support of "Sreda Oucheniya"
2021 International exhibition-competition "Female Image", St. Petersburg, works from the Blossom and Pink_morning series
2020 "Romance of Northern Waters" as part of the public art festival Courtyards of the Chapel 2020. St. Petersburg, photo project "Metaphysics of Water"
2020 International exhibition-competition "MODERN VANGUARD: VANGUARD TODAY" in St. Petersburg
2020 ABSTRACTUM Festival of Abstraction Arts | ABSTRACTUM International Festival of Abstraction. Saint Petersburg
2014 Regional exhibition "Two" in the local history museum in Ukhta, Komi Republic

CV Рус

2023 Моушн-дизайн. Нетология. 11 мес
2023 «Медиаарт» от ВК Простор 5 мес
2022 VR интенсив Цифровая осень от Less Media Group
2021 Курс VR для художников от Дмитрия Врубеля в "Среда обучения". 4 мес
2020 Курс Максима Баева "Fashion фотография" 2 мес
2020 Курс "Как читать фотографию" Самарский национальный исследовательский университет имени академика С. П. Королёва
2016 Курс по арт-фотографии Елена Суховеева и Виктор Хмель, Краснодар
2015 Бакалавриат "Психология" Университет Синергия, Москва
2007-2011 Курсы и мастер-классы по фотографии в Москве, в Ухте (Республика Коми)

2021 Международная выставка-конкурс "Женский образ":
Конкурс цифрового искусства и анимации. Номинация: Женский образ в силуэтах 1 место "Pink morning 02"
Конкурс фотографии. Номинация: Женский образ в силуэтах 1 место "Pink morning 01"
Конкурс цифрового искусства и анимации. Номинация: Женский образ и мистический символизм 1 место "Blossom 01"
2020 Международная выставка-конкурс "СОВРЕМЕННЫЙ АВАНГАРД : VANGUARD TODAY"Авангард в графике. Номинация: Футуризм. 1 место. Mirror_representation. 2 место. Mirror_reproduction
Номинация: Концептуализм
2 место. Mirror_the man
3 место. Idols_Fear
2020 ABSTRACTUM Festival of Abstraction Arts | АБСТРАКТУМ Международный Фестиваль Абстракции. Абстракция в фотографии. 3 место. Abstract yellow
2016 International Photography Awards СНГ

Групповые выставки:
2023 «Виртуальный поворот» выставка-конкурс медиаарта, демонстрация работ на фасаде Останкино
2022 Выставка VR работ выпускников Лаборатории Дмитрия Врубеля "Рифмы и Диалоги" при поддержке "Среда Обучения"
2021 Международная выставка-конкурс "Женский образ", Санкт-Петербург, работы серии Blossom и Pink_morning
2020 «Романтика северных вод» в рамках паблик-Арт фестиваля Дворы Капеллы 2020. Санкт-Петербург, фотопроект "Метафизика воды"
2020 Международная выставка-конкурс "СОВРЕМЕННЫЙ АВАНГАРД : VANGUARD TODAY" в Санкт-Петербурге
2020 ABSTRACTUM Festival of Abstraction Arts | АБСТРАКТУМ Международный Фестиваль Абстракции. Санкт-Петербург
2014 Региональная выставка «Двое» в краеведческом музее г. Ухта, Республика Коми