VR and Media artist woman

Natasha Ray

I create VR art projects, video art and 3D collages, conduct art therapy classes in VR.
With the help of creativity, I fill my void, I study personal and social mental phenomena, such as: self-identification, differences and unity of a person with the environment, the impact of technology on the perception of reality and the collective unconscious.
I love metaphors, collages and theater.
I transfer romance into my work, my own reflection and challenge to stereotypes, ideals and norms.
Uploading some work on OpenSea.


The perfect woman, the real woman.
How society manipulates people's minds
and promotes through idealization in advertising and information resources.
Author's statement on the topic of gender identity in modern society.
Photography, collage.
In addition to the digital file, you get a physical picture, this is plasticization 60x60 cm or photo printing on silk 70x70 cm.
Author's edition 10 copies.