Natalya Ray
Art director, 2D/3D/VR motion designer, media artist
I have been creating visual content since 2004
If necessary, I attract proven specialists
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Explainer video
An explanatory video for describing and presenting a product, service or company. The cost of such a video depends on the duration and amount of work, the estimate will be provided after reviewing the client's brief.
It is developed based on a script using 2D/3D animation, video editing, character creation and animation.
If you focus on the example of my work for RTA, then this is 400$ without the cost of footages and script writing.
360 video
Music video, video presentation in 360 format - panoramic video for demonstration in virtual reality helmets.
Development of the concept, script, team selection, equipment, installation and addition of graphics, titles, logo.
The cost of 360 videos is formed from the technical conditions of shooting and the amount of work, for reference - the same plan video clip will cost 750$ without the cost of equipment and rental of premises. The price includes the development of the concept, script, shooting, editing, creating graphics and mixing with sound.
Елизавета - SOUND OF SOMA
360 VR видео - музыкальный клип
3D motion OLV video
Video advertising for a specific characteristic of a product/service in 3D animation format.
Concept development, scenario, material selection, modeling, animation, editing, adding effects, titles, logo, sounds.
Estimates and deadlines for implementation will be provided after familiarization with the brief and materials of the customer, for reference - the same plan video will cost 450$
Video presentation of the IT solution
Development of video presentations for potential users of the plugin/portal (CHatGPT plugin). The main task is to display the use of the service from various devices, concisely place a large amount of information in a short period of time. Script creation, storyboards, development, selection and animation of graphics, selection of music.
Estimated cost 450$
3D presentation in the Spatial metaverse
Creating a presentation for a brand from ready-made materials as in the example or by a unique design.
Price on request.
I will help with the preparation of a technical/creative task and answer the questions