VR and Media artist woman

Glicinia Kraiola

I create VR art projects, video art and 3D collages, conduct art therapy classes in VR.
With the help of creativity, I fill my void, I study personal and social mental phenomena, such as: self-identification, differences and unity of a person with the environment, the impact of technology on the perception of reality and the collective unconscious.
I love metaphors, collages and theater.
I transfer romance into my work, my own reflection and challenge to stereotypes, ideals and norms.
Uploading some work on OpenSea.

Immersive VR art project "Roerich's Peace Symbol" 2022

I created a 3d art object "Symbol of Peace" and immersed it in virtual reality.

This is a rhyme to Nicholas Roerich's symbol of peace.

The viewer sits in a chair, puts on an oculus helmet and goes on a virtual journey.

During a tour of the Tibetan mountain peaks, he is listening to an audio guide and introducing the historical plots of the Roerichs.

The duration of the session is 15 minutes.

Process of creation
You can visit the tour using the Oculus Quest 2 VR helmet, control and movement in space is carried out by joysticks: the right hand - turns left / right, the left hand - teleport / steps.
The duration of the tour is 15 minutes.
4 information platforms along the snow-covered gorge of Tibet.
The project is available in exe and apk format