VR and Media artist woman

Glicinia Kraiola

Media artist, art therapist. I create VR art projects, video art and 3D collages, conduct art therapy classes in VR.
With the help of creativity, I fill my void, I study personal and social mental phenomena, such as: self-identification, differences and unity of a person with the environment, the impact of technology on the perception of reality and the collective unconscious.
I love metaphors, collages and theater.
I transfer romance into my work, my own reflection and challenge to stereotypes, ideals and norms.
Uploading some work on OpenSea.

AI ART-PROJECT "Woman-Planet" 2022

The theme of femininity and its idealization for me is one key vector in my work. I photographed women for a long time and got acquainted with the fears and stereotypes around this topic. I took the image of the Earth as a metaphor, as a prototype of the Mother of all people on the planet.
Together with the artificial intelligence Midjourney, I raised a Woman from the Planet.
I propose to get acquainted with the result of our joint work.
This is the kind of work we got. I managed the concept, Midjourney generated the images. What do you think?