In this project, I explore my own escapism and sense of security.
Process of creation
Today's world cannot be imagined without the use of the Internet and virtual technologies.
Every day we spend a lot of time in the virtual world, chatting with our friends, buying goods and services, learning new knowledge and having fun. But is there really a safe place where we can feel secure?
Faced with the brutality of the real world, I came up with the idea to create a virtual reality hideout for my friends. I created this art for Eva, starting with a photo scan of a girl, and placed it in virtual reality, painting flowers and tentacles. Thus, I placed a digital copy of the girl in a safe place and created a favorable atmosphere for her. Once in the digital reality, Eva looked around and discovered the aggressive side of the information field, formed by fake news, political campaigning, spam and viruses.
Fleeing from one reality to another, Eve discovered a portal between these realities. Together with her, we filled it with flowers and got acquainted with its inhabitants - ammonites. These mutated mollusks, whose fossilized remains were once discovered in one of the realities, are clearing the digital space from all sorts of threats and their consequences.

Video art
39с "safe place eva NFT" mp4 25mb
2m43s "safe place backstage" mp4 110mb
With a powerful PC and a helmet, the viewer becomes a co-author of the project. In the OpenBrush application, he can finish painting the environment for Eve or destroy everything.
The 20x20 cm print of the external appearance of the portal entrance, generated by AI, is a trigger for the AR installation with Eve. Stickers 6x6 cm with the image of shells-artifacts as a souvenir.
Entrance to the portal between realities

Plastification, AI Аrt, photo printing 20x20 cm