VR and Media artist woman

Glicinia Kraiola

Media artist, art therapist. I create VR art projects, video art and 3D collages, conduct art therapy classes in VR.
With the help of creativity, I fill my void, I study personal and social mental phenomena, such as: self-identification, differences and unity of a person with the environment, the impact of technology on the perception of reality and the collective unconscious.
I love metaphors, collages and theater.
I transfer romance into my work, my own reflection and challenge to stereotypes, ideals and norms.
Uploading some work on OpenSea.


Hello, I'm a Russian woman artist and I create 3d collages in VR for my friends to keep them safe. Here's how I deal with my anxiety and depression. This is art for Eve I created a photo scan of the girl Eva and placed it in virtual reality, finished painting flowers and tentacles. Thus placed the girl in a safe place.
Process of creation